Nebotičnik, the Ljubljana skyscraper, is a prominent building in the middle of the center of Ljubljana and it was the highest building in Ljubljana built in 1933 and also one of the highest in the Middle Europe. It is a slender tower with a flat facade, evenly distributed rectangular windows with stone frames, accentuated ground floor and semi circular openings of the cafe under the roof.



Nebotičnik is still the main charm of Ljubljana. The building features a uniquely constructed circular staircase at its core and is still famous for its incredible accuracy and success of the famous Slovenian architect Vladimir Šubic. The Ljubljana skyscraper was built on February 21, 1933. The two of the least known spectacles are that the building was built on top of the former medieval monastery and that in the foundations themselves a poem of famous slovenian poetrist Oton Župančič is written: ˝Da naše zrno bo imelo leho in nam bo letina pod varno streho˝ (Let our grain have power and let our harvest be safe).



The building is decorated with a statue that resides on the 6th floor, which goes four metres up in the sky and is exemplifying perceived geniuses looking at the future. The monumental lobby is decorated with polished slovenian marble, with four heads of ˝Penati˝, which beautifies the hole lobby. ˝Penati˝ , in Greek/Roman mythology means house guardians and patrons of home and family. The elevator that was installed as soon as the building was completed, was one of the biggest inovative achievements in the city's history. Beside the elevator, a monumental spiral staircase was built, which offers a challenge to people, to this day. The 12th floor cafe was arranged with carefully selected accessories and decoration, according to examples of American cafe's. The walls were again decorated with slovenian marble, the ceiling was detailed with gold meander on a blue basis and even the windows hide a magnificient view behind the velvet curtains. 



The concept is based on neoclasical and Art Deco styles which are found on all of the upper floors. The shape of the building is exampling the classical division of a skyscraper, which was founded by the American architect Louis Sullivan. The 11th floor is decorated with the semicircular windows, which are an exception for the skyscraper facade. The height of the Skyscraper is over 70 metres high and it is an eartquake-safe building. 



The famous Skyscraper is preserving his culture already for eight decades straight. Through out the years its picture and magnificence are remaining the same, however his story is bigger and stronger each day.


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